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At the first sight of water, mom does a happy dance in the driver’s seat. She looks back at us, beaming with joy, and says “Did you feel all your worries melt away? We’re almost there!”

Warm undertones of creamy vanilla dance with soothing chamomile floral top notes to replicate the overwhelming sense of serenity felt while watching the sun set over the lush tree-filled hills and calm waters of the lake.

Moisturizing organic jojoba oil has been perfectly infused with high quality egyptian chamomile from Tea Amo tea shop in Hamilton, Ontario. Carefully blended with high quality clean fragrance, this perfume oil will transport you to Ontario’s Haliburton Highlands.

15 ml perfume oil in roller bottle

*may contain trace amounts of nuts and allergens

Lovingly blended in small batches in Ontario, Canada

Customer Reviews

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Charmaine Castro

I got this along with the Davie fragrance when Nadorah was having their BOGO 50% off sale & I'm so glad I got this scent! This scent is so fresh - smells like baby powder initially (which I also adore) but when those notes wear off, you can really smell the chamomile. This scent lasts a good amount of time on the skin & is the perfect size to chuck in your purse for on-the-go! I am obsessed with Nadorah's fragrances & I LOVE that they're natural & tea-infused. Now I just have to get my hands on Lady of the Lake & I've got all three :)

Alex L
It’s the little things in life

There is something just so enchanting about Highlands. The sweet and soft vanilla notes feel like they are hugging your nostrils and nourishing your soul. I absolutely adore putting this on any time of day, especially if I need a hug! I like it behind my ears or on my wrists. The jojoba oil makes your skin feel so soft and doesn’t irritate. Nadorahs scents are a little luxury in life and I will continue to indulge.

So in love with this fragrance!

Absolutely obsessed with the Davie and Highlands fragrances! So amazing that they are locally made, cruelty free and vegan! I've always wanted a fragrance infused with tea so this is a dream!

Kathleen Guthrie
Love the smell

Such a soft smell, uplifting feeling all day long

Smells like home

Such a warm and comforting scent that reminds me of sharing tea with my mom 😊 I've been putting this on every day as a little mood boost so I love that it's simple and clean ingredients too!