talk to me about allergens

Tea Amo warns that their teas may come in contact with allergens (nuts) during production. That being said, unless otherwise stated, our perfumes do not directly contain any common allergens. Please send us aDM if you would like to double check the ingredients prior to purchase.

talk to me about shelf life

To maintain high quality fragrance, we recommend using your perfume oils within 12 months of opening *with proper storage*

talk to me about proper storage

To maintain highest quality and preserve shelf life, keep your perfume oils in a dark and cool place (such as your purse)

talk to me about that stuff floating in the bottle

We use real loose-leaf tea during our intricate infusion process. While we do our best to strain out all that herbal goodness, some of it is just too small to be caught in the sieve!

talk to me about sanitary/COVID precautions

During every stage of prepping your order we are diligently cleaning all surfaces, washing our hands, as well as wearing gloves and masks. Your health and safety is our top priority!